I’m sinking,suffocating,falling,drying up as if my life and soul is being drained out of me .Left at the mercy of the cold of the merciless world .I’m drowning,suffocating and fading away,physically,spiritually,emotionally and psychologically,the crisp cold creeping up and down my veins slowly through my pores .Antarctica made a speck to this ordeal.

I need warmth,the heat,the contempt,like a mother’s hug,a child’s embrace or a cup of hot chocolate on the cold July or a campfire on an icy night but maybe even warmer,burning even .I need closure but still afraid of finding some in the wrong place,time and people .It’s depressing,but is it a sin?Is it my fault?

Let’s face it,most people in our lives;in my life like and want the fun me,happy me nobody wants to spend a whole day listening to a depressed little guy,it’s boring but can you blame them?But also is it my fault?What should I do?Everyone at that time in life always yawns to be understood .So I fake a smile and laugh like nothing’s bothering .My talent.

To keep a warm heart in a cold world is the real victory.

By Marty Rubin.

#Stay home,stay safe. #Blackmatters.

5 replies to “SPIRIT ZERO POINT.

  1. I can feel the rush, the anxiety, and the confusion in your writing. It is powerful. Be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or who to be because being anything less then your authentic self (even if sometimes that self is depressed) is all part of being the real you and part of life ❤


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