Black is not illiterate.

I’m a person of colour,a teen of colour actually and I’m aware of everything happening globally.

  • Im a feminist.
  • I support all sexualities.
  • I support all races,which is actually one to me (the human race)
  • I support people discriminated for physical appearance like the impaired.
  • I love and support all ages without discrimination.
  • I also support people’s culture and heritage.

#Kenya,Africa .Blacks are also and always aware.


We’re all a united front aspiring towards the future.

No judgement of colour,religion or culture towards a better future.

#Teaming up to make progress.


  1. When you say you are a β€˜teen’ do you mean you are a teenager? Because that my friend portrays writing way beyond your years! Or maybe I’ve lost touch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ Fabulous writing!


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