I’ve learnt the hard way that it’s better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know,I can’t go into details .To me it’s always psychological torture and a hurricane of agony.

Funny enough,I still have my clear,unshakable dream,mission and goal to be an A student as always,get invited to an Ivy league college and become a famous neurologists .

Yeah!That mind .That mind that has had me in an impossible maze,stuck at a point in a chess game,where giving up,moving forward or going back aren’t an option .It’s like being trapped,stuck and lost in your own mind. “What better hell”It’s like a trance;never ending .It has no door in or out,no straight line,no final destination .Inspirational talks and quotes at every corner .”After every sunset there’s a sunrise “They say….well,I’m still waiting for my sunrise.

Right now the night is endless,timeless and pointless .I’m afraid of the choices before me,each with several type of chances leading to certain unpredictable changes;too afraid to make a hasty decision which to me might be an expensive cost of mistake to pay .Torn by my indecision to the north,east and southern side .

My past was a mess,my present is a mess,what now of my future?But now you know why,why I ain’t breaking,for my family and for my bright future self,even though full,swollen and overflowing I won’t break .But still where’s my light?,whose my light?,where’s my salvation?,whose my salvation?,where’s my happy ending?

Life is just but a walking shadow.

By William Shakespeare.

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