I’m feeling under,so I close my eyes for a little slumber .It feels like I’m being pulled straight to hell (My hell)I feel myself dropping,falling in this pit,in this darkness,in this endless and bottomless pit .I see the outside,light,the clearing moving away from me dimming,shrinking,drifting away .It’s the darkness,my darkness,trapped in it lost,consumed like I once loved it .Now I can’t see myself anymore.

Now I’m stuck and engulfed in this dark vacuum,I can’t hear the echo of my shouts and screams;like people once didn’t notice or give a damn about me,but it gets worse,I can’t hear my breathing,my footsteps or my sobbing .I finally feel myself slowing down from my fall,somehow suspended,have I reached my limit?Have I hit the bottom of the bottomless?There was too much air rushing I just couldn’t breathe”,Is this how being blind feels?”I wondered,”or deaf,cripple or even paralysed?”

I’m still falling,suffocating from all the air,unable to do anything like a statue,literally all my five senses snatched from me .I just wanted to wake up.

Abruptly,the atmosphere changes,now I feel no air around me and my suffocating process diverts and if it isn’t bad enough,I feel the air inside my lungs being sucked out of me,the pressure too high it’s almost breaking and crushing my body cavity.

It’s cold!It’s silent….is it water?I’m I drowning?Sinking?I’m so far down I can’t remember the light,but in general without science what does the term light really mean?Darkness can’t thrive in light,but can light thrive in darkness?cause that my position,my situation,my anguish .Can I please wake up?

You don’t drown by falling in water,you drown by staying there.

By Louis Cole.

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