Finally,I come to a halt,I can hear nothing,not even my own heartbeat,I can’t even feel myself .The sound of nothing has always been my dream,my impossible dream,but in the sound of nothing I hear a voice .Is it nothing?or did I hear nothing?”I must be dead!”Is this death?Is this the afterlife?or maybe the realm of insanity .How long have I been here?It’s timeless and endless .I don’t feel hungry,going for a number two,I just can’t feel anything or see anything.

But the more I try to listen and focus on the “voice of nothing” the more I hear nothing,maybe it’s the “insanity before death”or “death of normality to insanity.” Nobody can really tell how death/afterlife or insanity looks like,feels like and sounds like .Im far into deep,wherever I am so I did what I do in times of trauma or stress,I stopped trying to look into the darkness(If it was even darkness)and closed my eyes to sleep,feeling and sinking into the silence like a feather,with it’s gentle moves and zero noise .”What now?”I thought as I drifted away.

Then I realized I felt something or better yet didn’t feel something,there it was .No pain!No exhaustion!No stress!No pressure and there and then I was happy,a moment of positivity,somewhere away from everything and anything of my world .I was just happy knowing I finally got my wish,and my apart from everything I could still feel my soul,mind and heart present.

I was beyond gravity,the simplicity,the tranquility,the peace and aura in the moment .I no longer felt like I was tragically dropping and falling physically,emotionally and psychologically .I was slowly suspended in a harmonica by spirit and soul,into sleep drift.

You will never find peace of mind untill you listen to your heart.

By George Michael.

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