And then there was me,

My life as a weird kid gets a pass of interphase between society’s love and hate .Nobody knows me or my true self that well and when they try I shut them out,not cause I hate people but cause I’m afraid and I fear their criticism and judgements,being in this cluster is kind of my comfort zone,it renders me invincible to society and their love or hate towards me.

I love my weird ways and I don’t want to be normal,this is my normal .Who said and verified normal to be a certain way of living and carrying oneself?Last I checked,no one .I don’t know which of these two phrases is right or wrong?Please enlighten me..

  • If you love someone,you tell them their wrong ways and try to make them right and a better version of themselves,at least to your eyes.
  • If you love someone,love them and all of them and accept them for who they are cause if you try to change or fix them that means you love the idea of them in your version but not for who they truly are.

You guys can agree with me when I say both look right and wrong all at the same time.

When I was young,we were told to live our lives for ourselves pleasing ourselves and not to anyone’s expectations but yourself,to do things and make decisions on my own terms,but sometimes I wonder why then does society,community,friends and family always judge,have that irritating advice or opinion and talk behind your back on your every move,sometimes I get and take that it’s advice but sometimes it’s like their roasting you.

PS,when you say “No offence”or “No hard feelings”,it hurts and there are hard feelings.

Love all,trust a few,do wrong to none.

By William Shakespeare .


  1. While I believe the second option, to love and accept without trying to change someone, is the ideal, the truth for me is usually somewhere in the middle. I think I tried to change my first husband more than my current husband, so I’m making progress. More importantly, what do I want to change about me? I have osteoporosis and need to work on my posture, so I’ve given my loved ones permission to let me know if I’m stooped over (because I often don’t realize it), but they never do. But anyway I understand the comfort zone of being alone. Some people I have to love from a distance. Thanks for the follow!

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